We specialize in receiving counseling, care, pruning and shaping, maintenance fertilizer, instead of growing medium for all types of Bonsai.

We receive instructions and basic technical training for free, irrigation techniques and technology in aluminum wire, basic fertilizers, basic shaping.

If you have demand, please contact with us or you want to have one community playgrounds please register to participate.

With a team of engineers and professional staff, our horticultural consultant and ornamental plant care and maintenance services to maintain regular, monthly basis as follows:
  1. Service general plant care: watering, fertilizing, spraying, pruning trees, collecting fallen leaves, small landscape tree care, tree parks, greenery care campus kiosks Tea gardens, apartments, hotels, ...
  2. Care and lawn: mowing, collecting grass, shipping & handling grass, herbicides, mowing and to reclaim control, lawn work, lawn care, planting new grass.

For bonsai value, people often rely on the following factors:
  1. Trees must bear more flowers and flowers have beautiful colors
  2. Green leaves, glossy; leaves as small as possible
  3. Stems grow a "rat tail" (the angle is greater than the tops). A tree has less long smooth body, stem diameter and the tops do not differ much, it can not be made into bonsai
  4. Twigs, branches must subgenus clear, matching a modern somehow predetermined. Twigs, branches to grow young shoots well
  5. The bark must attract the eyes of people enjoy (as grainy, old looked better)
  6. Thick roots, big, sinewy situated on the highway about 1/3 pot

The above factors combined together harmoniously to create a bonsai tree ideal (if any shape that fit).
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